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Welcome to the

Winkler & District

Multi-Purpose Senior Centre website.

Mission Statement

Senior Citizens have the right and the responsibility to be involved in determining and influencing their own, and their community’s destiny.

Statement of Purpose

That the SENIOR CENTRE shall be a focal point in Winkler and surrounding district providing opportunities for persons 55 plus to experience a positive and dignified retirement lifestyle in their community.


Offices – 650 South Railway Avenue, Winkler MB in the Buhler Active Living Centre

Office Hours

8:00am-5:00pm   Monday – Friday

Summer Hours June 3rd to August 30th  8:00am – 4:00pm

Contact Us

Tel (204) 325 – 8964
Fax (204) 325 – 8984
E-mail  wsc.325.8964@gmail.com
102 – 650 South Railway Avenue Winkler MB R6W 0L6


Memberships cost $25.00 per year.
Membership illustrates commitment from senior Participants & community, as well as giving members a feeling of belonging.

If interested in becoming a member please click and print
WSC Membership Form

 Benefits to Members

Members have a voice in government decisions & voting
Program fee discounts
Opportunity to serve as a Board Member

REDUCED FEES to attend some of the Centre’s Activities or Events

Workshop- – save $50.00/ year or $2.00/ drop in
Gym – save $50.00/ year or $2.00/ drop in
Floor Curling or Floor Shuffle save $5.00 per season
Fitness Classes – save $20.00 per 10 week session
Courses – save $5.00 per class
Line dancing and other drop in Fees – save $1.00 each

AS A MEMBER you could SAVE OVER $140.00 in FEES if you were involved in all these activities.

Member can vote and make decisions at the annual general meeting
Members support the Winkler Senior Centre and help to keep it running

This means that YOU the Members have:

A centre where you can enjoy the company of other seniors
A congregate meal that you can enjoy for minimal cost
Services and programs to help seniors live active healthy lifestyles in their
own homes




Winkler Senior Centre is

  • a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for persons 55 plus to experience a positive and dignified retirement lifestyle in their community
  • a place for caregivers to find resources and information to assist them in caregiving decisions and issues
  • a place for persons 55 plus to find friendship, and resources for day to day living

Kindly consider helping us continue to offer valuable services to persons 55 plus, to their family and caregivers by making a donation to our operating funds.

To make a donation please stop by our offices at

650 South Railway Avenue Winkler or send a cheque to:

Winkler Senior Centre

102 – 650 South Railway Ave. Winkler, MB R6W 0L6

Board and Staff

Center Director:

Nettie Dyck

Community Resource Co-ordinators:

Cathleen Bergen and Denise Enns

Board of Directors:

Board President: Peter Wieler
2nd Vice-President: Sarah Hiebert
Treasurer: Wayne Penner
Secretary: Helen Wiebe
Betty Giesbrecht
Don Fehr
Tina Enns
Anne Giesbrecht
Sarah Hiebert
Tery Hyde
Abe Epp
Garry Klassen
Esther Guenther

The Winkler & District

Multi-purpose Senior Centre

With the support from the Community & Members

operates as a non-profit organization where volunteers make the difference.

A Positive influence in

Your Community


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